7 Warning Signs of Cheating in a Relationship

Perhaps you have noticed a few things that tell you something is off or you have been hurt before and are afraid of it happening again. While sometimes our gut feeling may be off when it comes to cheating, there are signs of cheating that may be able to tell you that your significant other is being unfaithful.

While not every indication of cheating means that the person is being unfaithful, it is important to pay attention as they may be trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Whether you feel that they are distant or there are some things about their behavior that are just off, listen to your gut and keep an eye out for anything that could be telling you they aren’t being honest.

To help you determine whether there are warning signals, read the following 7 signs of cheating in a relationship:

1-When they break the routine.

When you are married, you start to live a highly recognizable routine where you get back home from work at the same hour every day or perhaps you eat lunch together every Tuesday and Thursday. Any time that something in the routine is changed, it could be signs of a cheating husband.

2-When the start to be overly jealous.

This may seem like a funny thing for a cheating spouse to do, but oftentimes a cheating husband or wife will start to feel worried about what their significant other is doing and if they are being lied to, because that is exactly what they are doing.

3-When they become obsessive about their appearance.

It’s a sad reality that sometimes spouses start to let themselves go while in a marriage which makes this a reason why it could be signs of cheating wife or husband. A new haircut, extra make-up, or a change in style could all point towards a cheating significant other.

4-When they receive texts at odd hours.

It is normal for your spouse to get texts during the day from other people, but when you see them receiving texts at late hours in the night, you may be seeing one of the big signs of cheating. Most people don’t text late at night, when it comes to friends or colleagues, so this very well could be something to worry about.

5-When they hide their phone messages from you.

In the same vein, if or when they receive texts at odd hours, they don’t want to show you or make up something about them or even get a little bit upset, they could be hiding a side love affair. When you have been married for a while, sharing texts and leaving your phone unlocked is quite common, so any change in this behavior could be alarming.

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6-Things have started to change in the bedroom.

Many times, people cheat because they aren’t receiving the sexual attention they need, but not always. If something changes in your sex life, whether they start wanting to have less sex or they want to try new things that they never have before, you may need to start questioning if they are cheating.

7-When you find someone else’s belongings in your vehicle.

Maybe there is a bobby pin in your spouse’s car and you don’t use bobby pins or you are a blonde and you find long dark hairs. Perhaps you discover a lipstick color that you don’t own or even just a brochure for a spa that you have never heard of and that your husband wouldn’t go to.

These may be some signs of cheating in a relationship, but ultimately you’ll want to confront your romantic partner to determine if they are having an affair or not. Oftentimes, when a spouse is cheating they will try to make you feel like you are crazy for asking or get upset that you asked.

In the end, while you may see several of these signs of cheating, you may need to investigate further by hiring a professional investigator for advice and direction.

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