7 Signs That You’re Experiencing Burnout in Your Life

These days the average adult takes on many roles in their professional and personal lives. From long hours at work, juggling family life, finances and health have exposed so many to extreme levels of stress and anxiety.

Over time, chronic stress can cause a heavy toll on your mind and your body. If this pattern of life continues for a long period of time, the stress becomes so prevalent that your whole being collapses. In result, you completely burnout. It can be hard to pinpoint the signs of burnout making it even harder for some people to change what has caused it in the first place.

Read on to discover the 7 signs of burnout:

Exhaustion: Stress is a heavy weight on both your mind and your body. Burnout usually leads to exhaustion because of the heavy amount of stress you are tackling daily. This will leave you feeling tired even after a good night’s sleep and unable to keep your eyes open during your regular daily tasks.

Lack of Motivation: When you first start a new job, for example, you are naturally motivated to do great. You are able to give it your all without much effort. When you begin to burnout, your drive diminishes. You may be able to complete tasks or go through your everyday routine, but you’ll be dragging. The determination you once had has worn off because you no longer have the energy to persevere.

Negativity: Chronic stress and fatigue can lead to extreme negativity. Every day is a bad day. You may find yourself in constant judgement of others and have bad feelings for yourself run rampant through your mind. Just like positivity has the ability to spread in your life and in the lives around you, once negativity takes a hold, your attitude and feelings really go downward. Negativity, once present, is toxic and a habit that will need stopping.

Difficulty in Relationships: Often, your closest relationships will suffer the most from a burnout. Stress carries over to all aspects of your life and it is very likely to spill over into your personal life. Because of this, one is more likely to snap, become immensely irritable, and argumentative. Ironically enough, burnout can also lead to the exact opposite behavior. Withdrawing from your most personal relationships and becoming closed off is also a sign of burnout.

Health Problems: Burnout has extreme side effects to your health. The saying is true, stress, over a long period of time, has the ability to totally wreck havoc in your body. Extreme stress can literally cause your body to ache. You may also notice yourself becoming sick more often or begin to suffer from depression. Extreme amounts of stress can also cause heart disease and obesity over time.

Cognitive Issues If you find yourself forgetting things, making silly mistakes, or choosing poor decisions, you could definitely be facing a burnout. Stress has a very negative impact on your brain, especially the section that controls memory, decision making, and focus.

Decreased Self-Care: Exhaustion, lack of motivation, and negative feelings can all result in the lack of self-care and self-love. You may find yourself not caring about how you look on the inside or the outside. From the foods you consume, personal hygiene, and lack of self-control, you may find yourself easily tempted for a quick fix instead of choosing something more beneficial to your overall health.

Once we are able to pinpoint the signs of burnout, it is much easier to fix the problem and start to feel better. It is very important, when overwhelming stress becomes a normalcy in life, to take the necessary actions to turn this pattern around. There are many things one can do to get back on track to feeling themselves again.

Ready for some quick ideas to relieve burnout?

-Take time off. Yes, that two weeks vacation and sick leave you’ve been storing, is needing to be used.

-Remember to disconnect from data overload each (yes, turn of you iPhone too).

-Exercise is also a great way to reduce stress and release negative energy.

-Practice positive thinking.

-Say NO. That is right. Sometimes you need to say no. Release the guilt and release the need to have to tackle everything that comes your way. It is okay to say no if that means a healthier and happier you.

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While there are many causes that can lead to burnout, from work to home life, dealing with this experience can be very difficult. Pinpointing the signs and symptoms of burnout is the first step to a healthier future. Once you are able to understand your feelings, emotions, and actions, you will be able to identify the changes that you can make in your life that will lead you on the road to getting your mojo back.

Robert James

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