Are they attracted to you? 5 Physical Signs of Attraction

If you are a living and breathing human, chances are you have probably wondered whether someone is into you. There are many subtle cues that signal romantic connections, but some of them can be surprisingly difficult to spot. Before you make a move and risk rejection make sure you know the signals to look for.

Here are 5 clear signs of attraction.

Eye Contact
Sustained eye contact usually begins with furtive glances across the room. If you find yourself sharing long looks with another, that is a good sign your attraction is mutual. Once this first look is shared, evaluate whether it is simply a coincidence that you happened to look in the same direction, or maybe something more.
Short eye contact is another identifier for attraction. Does she look away quickly when you catch her watching? This is a big sign she could be interested but just a little shy. Another way to tell is if you notice him looking at you frequently but for short periods of time. Goes to show that eye contact does not need to be sustained to signal attraction.

Physical Touch
This can be anything from a gently bump of the shoulder to hair play. Nothing creates a spark like touching each of for the very first time. She might push your hair out of your face, or scoot closer to wipe a leaf out of your fringe. Sometimes men will place their hand on your back as they let you through a door, or lead you in a certain direction. This is derived from a dominating gesture meant to make the recipient feel safe and in good hands.

We have talked about the small, innocent touches that are the first hints of attraction. So what about some of the more forward advances? A touch on the leg, or grabbing the arm to pull closer in a heated moment are some of the biggest indicators that someone is into you. Keep in mind that there is a correct way to use these gestures. They should only be used in appropriate situations and should not be used to make anyone feel uncomfortable or trapped.

Vocal Tone
Women frequently raise their voice slightly when speaking to men they are interested in. It is often done subconsciously and can be difficult to pick up if you do not know the woman personally and are not familiar with her casual voice. If you first hear her speaking to a group of friends, and then upon speaking to you her voice changes, that is a sign she is attracted to you.
Contrary to women, men deepen their voices when talking to someone they find attractive. This goes back to the beginning- a lowered voice typically signifies physical masculinity. This should not be confused with a very low, warning voice which might mean the man is disinterested or otherwise distracted. Testosterone controls the vocal tone and is a very natural occurrence.

Physical Openness
A good way to gauge someone’s reaction to you is look at their body language. Relaxed, open legs spread in your direction signify an interest. If you notice he was slouched over before your interaction, but upon meeting you he straightened his back and pulled back his shoulders, that is a big sign he wants to make a good impression. A straight back is a sign of physical health, which is important when a person is seeking a mate.
Openness in facial expressions is also common between two people who find shared interest in each other. Raised eyebrows and widened eyes are the first signifiers of this. A wide mouth and smile also hints that the other person feels an attraction. If their smile extends to their eyes, that’s a good way to tell whether they are legitimately interested. Also keep an eye on the tension in their face. If they appears relaxed and at ease, in combination with these other signs, there is a very good chance they want to pursue some sort of interaction with you.

Subtle Movements
Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether someone is flirting or just a naturally friendly, charming person. Paying attention to the details will help you tell the difference. Licking lips, large pupils, and frequent swallowing are some of these smaller details. Fidgeting with clothing and frequent repositioning of the hands is also a giveaway that someone is attracted to you, and concerned about what you think of them. These signs are usually caused by nervousness, which is an emotion that often accompanies sexual and romantic desire.

Remember these signs of attraction, and take them into account next time you are wondering whether someone is interested in you. Keep in mind that individually, these signals might be completely innocent. But if you notice multiple of these signs, it is almost certain the other person feels attraction toward you.


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