6 Signs That You Are Having a Panic Attack

When you feel panicky and like your body is being hijacked you might be having a panic attack. The intensity of the experience can be so disturbing that the duration of an attack like feels like an eternity. Everyone wants to feel as though they’re in control of their life, and this type of incident makes you feel the complete opposite. When one occurs, it can be at the most-inconvenient time and can actually put you in unsafe situations because you’re unaware, when it can strike. Ask ABC news journalist Dan Harris, who suffered a panic attack while delivering the news live in front of millions of T.V. watchers. If you haven’t suffered from one of these attacks, then be grateful. But according to the American Psychological Association (APA), one out of 75 people could experience one in their lifetime.

Here are the six signs of a panic attack:

1. An intense feeling of sudden danger, or impending doom.

Often, people can trace their first attack back to this kind of feeling and being aware they’re even vulnerable to having panic attacks to begin with. You feel as though your world is caving in on you, and there aren’t any present circumstances to explain why you’re having these feelings. There is an overwhelming sense of dread in the pit of your stomach that cannot be otherwise explained. It can be an elevated sense of nervousness that comes on without any warning.

2. Having difficulty breathing, or tightness within your throat.
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5 Signs of Low Testosterone Levels

If you are a man in your 40’s experiencing low testosterone, there may be telltale signs. Although testosterone production decreases with age, you many have levels that are too low and negatively affecting your life. You may or may not be embarrassed to discuss this with your doctor, or you may be attributing the signs to another possible condition. Exhibiting any of these signs could indicate decreased testosterone production, and it is a condition that you should speak to your medical professional about.

Often times, signs of low testosterone are indistinct, and might even go unnoticed. This is why low testosterone is often undiagnosed when you visit the doctor or nurse.

Read these 5 signs of low testosterone in men:

1. You may be having difficulty with erection.

Although there are many issues that can contribute to erectile dysfunction, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and smoking, low testosterone levels may be the culprit. Testosterone not only stimulates sex drive, it helps in achieving the erection needed for sex. With low testosterone levels, you may find it difficult to get or keep an erection prior to sex, or you may experience spontaneous erections.

2. Low fluid levels.

In a man’s body, there are three parts that work together to produce semen: the prostate, the seminal vesicles, and the testicles. Although the amount of semen produced is not an exact science and will vary from man to man, and even in the same person, low testosterone levels could cause a reduction in male ejaculate. Because the seminal vesicles and the prostate need testosterone in order to function, low levels will lead to decreased secretion, causing you to experience low-volume ejaculate.

3. You are experiencing mood swings or changes.

We all get grumpy sometimes. You may be under stress, or it can be as simple as not having a good nights’ sleep. One “off” day doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem with low testosterone. However, if you find that you are constantly experiencing mood swings or changes, and it is having a negative effect on your life and those around you, low testosterone may be the problem. “Irritable male syndrome” is a symptom of andropause, a hormonal imbalance in men. It is the result of low testosterone levels and high cortisol levels. Continue reading

Are they attracted to you? 5 Physical Signs of Attraction

If you are a living and breathing human, chances are you have probably wondered whether someone is into you. There are many subtle cues that signal romantic connections, but some of them can be surprisingly difficult to spot. Before you make a move and risk rejection make sure you know the signals to look for.

Here are 5 clear signs of attraction.

Eye Contact
Sustained eye contact usually begins with furtive glances across the room. If you find yourself sharing long looks with another, that is a good sign your attraction is mutual. Once this first look is shared, evaluate whether it is simply a coincidence that you happened to look in the same direction, or maybe something more.
Short eye contact is another identifier for attraction. Does she look away quickly when you catch her watching? This is a big sign she could be interested but just a little shy. Another way to tell is if you notice him looking at you frequently but for short periods of time. Goes to show that eye contact does not need to be sustained to signal attraction.

Physical Touch
This can be anything from a gently bump of the shoulder to hair play. Nothing creates a spark like touching each of for the very first time. She might push your hair out of your face, or scoot closer to wipe a leaf out of your fringe. Sometimes men will place their hand on your back as they let you through a door, or lead you in a certain direction. This is derived from a dominating gesture meant to make the recipient feel safe and in good hands.

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7 Warning Signs of Cheating in a Relationship

Perhaps you have noticed a few things that tell you something is off or you have been hurt before and are afraid of it happening again. While sometimes our gut feeling may be off when it comes to cheating, there are signs of cheating that may be able to tell you that your significant other is being unfaithful.

While not every indication of cheating means that the person is being unfaithful, it is important to pay attention as they may be trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Whether you feel that they are distant or there are some things about their behavior that are just off, listen to your gut and keep an eye out for anything that could be telling you they aren’t being honest.

To help you determine whether there are warning signals, read the following 7 signs of cheating in a relationship:

1-When they break the routine.

When you are married, you start to live a highly recognizable routine where you get back home from work at the same hour every day or perhaps you eat lunch together every Tuesday and Thursday. Any time that something in the routine is changed, it could be signs of a cheating husband.

2-When the start to be overly jealous.

This may seem like a funny thing for a cheating spouse to do, but oftentimes a cheating husband or wife will start to feel worried about what their significant other is doing and if they are being lied to, because that is exactly what they are doing.

3-When they become obsessive about their appearance.

It’s a sad reality that sometimes spouses start to let themselves go while in a marriage which makes this a reason why it could be signs of cheating wife or husband. A new haircut, extra make-up, or a change in style could all point towards a cheating significant other.

4-When they receive texts at odd hours.

It is normal for your spouse to get texts during the day from other people, but when you see them receiving texts at late hours in the night, you may be seeing one of the big signs of cheating. Most people don’t text late at night, when it comes to friends or colleagues, so this very well could be something to worry about.

5-When they hide their phone messages from you.

In the same vein, if or when they receive texts at odd hours, they don’t want to show you or make up something about them or even get a little bit upset, they could be hiding a side love affair. When you have been married for a while, sharing texts and leaving your phone unlocked is quite common, so any change in this behavior could be alarming.

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6-Things have started to change in the bedroom.

Many times, people cheat because they aren’t receiving the sexual attention they need, but not always. If something changes in your sex life, whether they start wanting to have less sex or they want to try new things that they never have before, you may need to start questioning if they are cheating.

7-When you find someone else’s belongings in your vehicle.

Maybe there is a bobby pin in your spouse’s car and you don’t use bobby pins or you are a blonde and you find long dark hairs. Perhaps you discover a lipstick color that you don’t own or even just a brochure for a spa that you have never heard of and that your husband wouldn’t go to.

These may be some signs of cheating in a relationship, but ultimately you’ll want to confront your romantic partner to determine if they are having an affair or not. Oftentimes, when a spouse is cheating they will try to make you feel like you are crazy for asking or get upset that you asked.

In the end, while you may see several of these signs of cheating, you may need to investigate further by hiring a professional investigator for advice and direction.

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7 Signs That You’re Experiencing Burnout in Your Life

These days the average adult takes on many roles in their professional and personal lives. From long hours at work, juggling family life, finances and health have exposed so many to extreme levels of stress and anxiety.

Over time, chronic stress can cause a heavy toll on your mind and your body. If this pattern of life continues for a long period of time, the stress becomes so prevalent that your whole being collapses. In result, you completely burnout. It can be hard to pinpoint the signs of burnout making it even harder for some people to change what has caused it in the first place.

Read on to discover the 7 signs of burnout:

Exhaustion: Stress is a heavy weight on both your mind and your body. Burnout usually leads to exhaustion because of the heavy amount of stress you are tackling daily. This will leave you feeling tired even after a good night’s sleep and unable to keep your eyes open during your regular daily tasks.
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11 Early Signs Of Dementia

With a lot still not understood about dementia, there is one thing that experts can agree on, and that is dementia is starting to become a common problem among the elderly population. But, what makes matters worse is the fact that dementia can be a difficult disease to catch early on.

What is dementia? A simple definition is that it involves a decline or loss in memory functions in the brain.

With dementia being a difficult disease to recognize, there are a some key signs that you’ll want to watch out for.

Read below to discover 11 early signs of dementia:

1-Inability To Distinguish Sarcasm

People with dementia are found to have a harder time comprehending sarcasm. They also have a harder time knowing when a person is lying or not. They also no longer have the understanding between right and wrong.

2-Falls Become More Frequent

Falls among the elderly can occur quite often, but within the dementia population, falls can occur twice as often. This is because people with early dementia also have a disorder called progressive supranuclear palsy. Not only does this disorder create falls but, it also prevents the person from catching themselves as they are falling down. This early dementia symptom makes it a lot more dangerous for persons who may have dementia.

3-No Longer Abiding The Law

If you’ve noticed your loved one experiencing more run-ins with the law, then that may be an early sign of a problem. So if your loved one has been caught shoplifting several times, or expressed sexual inappropriateness, you may need to have them evaluated by a Neuro-specialist. Not only are these actions bad but, they can also land a person in hot water legally. It is known that people in their thirties can start to show early signs of dementia before anyone would start to notice.

4-Constantly Staring

When an elderly begins to stare more than usual, it is considered one of the many signs of dementia. Clinically it is referred to as a “reduced gaze” and inhibits the person’s eyes to move on their own. When a person tries to read, they actually skip lines. This makes it hard for the person to realize that it’s even happening.

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5-Eating Foreign Things

This sign may be a surprising one among the many signs of dementia. This is mainly caused because the person has lost their ability to remember what things are and where they go. A good example of this includes an elderly visiting a restaurant to eat and begins to eat the napkins that are on the table. This happens because they know they are going to eat but don’t realize they are eating nonfood items. Experts are still trying to explain this symptom but have still been unsuccessful.

6-Can’t Put Their Words Together

Although losing the right words to say is no longer an early dementia sign, losing their ability to know what to call things, knowing what things are, and what their use is for, is. The odd thing is that although they seem to be losing their knowledge, they remain competent in other important aspects of life.

7-Inability To Empathize

If your loved one used to be a sweet and loving person in the past then begins to give you insults or no longer realizes what they are saying, chances are, they are showing the early signs of dementia. This sign of dementia also includes the inability to decipher many social cues and because of this they no longer understand the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior while talking.

8-No Feeling Of Embarrassment

The elderly who are beginning to experience dementia often times are unable to sense how others are feeling. This usually means that they no longer understand what embarrassment is. This also means that they no longer understand when they themselves or others are in an embarrassing moment.

9-Behaviors Become Compulsive In Nature

An unexpected sign of dementia that occurs early on includes showing a compulsive behavior or the need to complete unimportant tasks. There are many people who have habits that seem odd to others but, what other people don’t realize is that this compulsive behavior is usually due to the fact that they don’t comprehend that they already have many of the same items that they are currently searching for.

10-Inability To Manage Money

Losing the ability to manage finances is considered one of the classic signs of dementia. This usually begins with difficulty with balancing their bank balance or paying their bills. As dementia progresses, their ability to make good decisions with their finances affects their entire life. This sign of dementia is usually ignored by people who don’t understand the disease.

11-Speaking Becomes Nonexistent

If your loved one used to “talk your ear off” and now just sits there and looks at you, this is not normal and is usually a good sign of dementia. Despite this new inability, many other abilities remain clear.

If any of these early signs of dementia are showing up for you or your loved one, it’s time to make a lifestyle change.

9 Signs Of A Sociopath

Sociopaths have a difficult time adapting to the behavioral and ethical standards of society. They can be dangerous, and some of them have no regard for laws or the facts. Sociopaths lack remorse, and they disregard the feelings and rights of others. Being a criminal is not a requirement for being diagnosed as a sociopath. There are people living next door who fit the description and show the signs of sociopathy. Sociopaths are masters of deception and they have the ability to influence those around them in dramatic ways. They always sound believable, even when the story is pure fabrication.

The sociopath who lives next door or the family member who has no concept of reality can wreak havoc in their own special way. They create a sense of uneasiness that is hard to pinpoint at first, but, as time goes on, the signs of being a sociopath are hard to ignore. Some people don’t know what the signs of sociopathy are, but, sooner or later, they become aware of them because the distorted reality they share with a sociopath becomes unbearable.

According to the book, The Sociopath Next Door, four percent of the population displays signs of antisocial personality disorder. In terms of numbers that means more than 12 million people are running around telling fabricated stories and distorting facts, and many people believe them. The believers alter their lives to mimic the behavior of a sociopath. But there are telltale signs that every sociopath displays at one time or another.

Here is a list of the 9 most obvious signs of a sociopath.

1-They Invent Outrageous Lies About Their Experiences.

They tell stories that are absurd and exaggerated, but, for some reason, they sound believable.

2-They Are More Intense And Spontaneous Than Other People.

They tend to do bizarre and erratic things that others would not do. Sociopaths are not bound by normal social contracts, and their behavior is often risky and irrational.

3-They Are Incapable Of Feeling Guilt, Shame, Or Remorse

The brain of a sociopath is wired differently. They don’t process emotions like other people. They will betray, threaten, and even harm people without thinking twice about it. Self-interest takes priority over the feelings of others. Many sociopaths have high government positions because they value their ego above everything else.

4-Sociopaths Want To Win And Dominate At All Costs.

Winning is everything to a sociopath. They will defend their lies with absurd arguments. They viciously fight to defend their position at all costs. The wrath of a sociopath can manifest in a dangerous combination of threats, innuendos, challenges, and physical abuse.

5-Sociopaths Are Usually Highly Intelligent.

Rather than using brain power to establish a bond with friends, they use their intelligence and high IQ to deceive and manipulate. The experts say sociopaths are incapable of feeling love. They feign compassion and love to get what they think they need. But they don’t actually have the same emotional bond with love that normal people do.

6-Sociopaths Are Charming And Have A Strong Sexual Attraction.

Being charming is one of the first signs of a sociopath. They have an outward “glow” that attracts people. That glow can appear sexy, but not all sexy people are sociopaths. Sociopaths usually have strong sexual appetites and weird sexual fetishes.

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7-Sociopaths Are Delusional.

Sociopaths believe what they say. They create their own truth and their own reality. Whatever they say or believe becomes the truth to them, no matter how strange or unrealistic that belief may be. The people that fall under the spell of a sociopath also believe that truth is reality, and they defend that reality to the end.

8-Sociopaths Never Apologize.

Sociopaths believe they are never wrong. Even when there is proof they are wrong, they deny the proof. They never feel guilt, and they never apologize for causing any discomfort, uneasiness or harm from their words and deeds. When they are caught red-handed, they respond with anger and threats. They are masters at presenting themselves as heroes with integrity and high moral standards. They can turn one group against another, and then proclaim they are the savior. But no matter where sociopaths go arguments, strife and hatred usually follow them.

9-Sociopaths Don’t Accept Logical Reasoning.

Trying to reason with a sociopath is a waste of time. Facts and established truths annoy and anger sociopaths.

The signs and the symptoms of sociopathy may take time to manifest. But the lack of concern and regret, coupled with a lack of remorse and guilt become obvious when a sociopath has time to lay the groundwork for the relationship he or she wants to maintain. Using charm and wit are the trademarks of sociopaths. Being callous, disrespectful and cynical are the tools of the disorder. Persistent lying and the exploitation of others are daily traits and disregarding right and wrong are the means to an end for the sociopath. There are other sociopathy traits, and they are the icing on the cake when trying to identifying the signs of antisocial personality disorder. Those traits include unreliability, insincerity, poor judgment and a failure to learn by experience. Sociopaths also have poor insight, and they usually fail to follow a life plan. They like to talk, but their pathological egocentricity gets in the way of a meaningful conversation.

There is no known cause for antisocial personality disorder. There are studies that show child abuse, genetics and environmental factors play a role in creating sociopaths. A sociopath parent may be the catalyst for sociopath child. Males tend to follow in the footsteps of the parent more than females. There are a lot of sociopaths in prison, and many of those people are psychopaths as well as sociopaths. Some medical professionals believe a psychopathic personality is the same as a sociopathic personality, but other doctors say they are two separate disorders. A sociopathic personality is hard to treat because sociopaths rarely seek treatment on their own. But if they do get help, the therapy seems to help especially if the sociopathic person is in their 40s.